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Bob Salvas is a marketing consultant, a certified SCORE counselor and a champion for the small independent local business.

Bob’s background includes 4 years serving in the United States Air Force and 22 years in the United States Postal Service. Most of his time spent at the USPS was in the marketing and communications department where he learned the principles of good marketing and the intricate details of successful direct mailing campaigns. Bob received multiple honors during his time at the USPS including the Smart Idea 250 award.

Bob left the post office and started his own marketing, consulting business in 2003. He joined BNI (Business Networking International) and soon after became an ambassador and later a director in that organization. Bob continues his work today as the consummate networker including running his own monthly event called Momentum Networking (formerly known as 4th Monday Networking).

Bob joined SCORE in 2013. SCORE is a volunteer organization of business owners and executives who give back time to help the small business community.

In his personal life, Bob is an avid New England Patriots football fan and he enjoys volunteering time teaching young people how to play chess. Bob serves on the board of directors for the SENECA (SouthEast New England Chess Association.) SENECA is a nonprofit 501 c3


Keeping in touch and appreciating your employees, your clients, your prospects is a key to the long-term success of any business.

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No one succeeds in life without the help of others.

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Yesterday’s thinking will not solve today’s problems.

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Simply put, there is almost no better or cost-effective way to grow your business than to network.

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